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I offer lessons in both Spanish, English and group lessons are also welcome.

Voice Lessons

At this moment due to COVID I am teaching only online however my students reside throughout North America and hope to be teaching in person in the near future. The foundation of my voice teaching considers variety of styles and the engagement of the physiological, anatomical and acoustic aspects of singing in order to build a healthy perspective of understanding the art of singing. Therefore I work closely with each learning style and prepare personalized vocal tasks to help you succeed in efficient singing. I have significant experience in recognizing in correcting improper vocal techniques whether a new or experienced singer through a systematic approach and guide the student to obtain proper vocal health. At the moment I am accepting a limited number of pre-high school students as my main focus is on high school, undergraduate/graduate, performing artists and avocational students. I have many years of experience teaching the classical genre, however I also teach a variety of genres including music theatre, pop, rock, Latin American art song, Latin American and Spanish folk music.

Lección de piano

Piano Lessons

I began my formal training in piano at the age of 7. Ever since and through my studies, piano has been a fundamental instrument of learning and teaching. I thoroughly enjoy teaching piano because as my first instrument it gave me the formal structure of music and led me to better understand the art of singing. I have enjoyed how my piano journey has enhanced my love for singing. From experience, I really believe that piano and singing complement and enhance each other. At the moment I am taking piano students from the beginner up to the intermediate levels. Because of the many years of experience I have in piano and the way that it has transformed me as an artist, I aim to provide the same excitement of learning and inspire for you to the best you can be as a pianist.

Lección de piano
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